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Peakini Farmhaus

Openfrom June to October
Wed-Sun from 12.00 p.m.


In the PEAKINI ZONE in the Peakini Farmhaus in Untertauern we offer delicious food and drinks for mind & soul.
We bring an exquisite selection of the finest delicacies from all over the world to your table.

Summer opening times from June to October:
Wednesday to Sunday from 12.00 p.m.
Non-stop hot meals until 9 p.m.
Day off: Mon and Tue
We look forward to seeing you!



So different. So familiar. It is said that if you want to go high you have to calm down first. The Peakini Farmhaus offers a wide range of opportunities with unimagined, almost forgotten possibilities for body and soul. The Peakini Farmhaus is a carefully revitalized 450 year old farm. It combines rural charm with a unique, very individual style. Embedded in the sunny clearing of a forest, it invites you to discover nature.
EASY BUT NOT SIMPLE. You can BOOK one of our 5 special rooms in the Peakini Farmhaus directly here at the best price.


Easy but not simple. It is the simple things that touch our soul the most. Harmony with nature. Down-to-earth, home-made food. Traditional traditions. What people took for granted over the centuries reveals its true value to us again today in our fast-paced, digital world. Because, in the end, that’s what defines us – rather, what makes us what we are: human. Sitting at home and dreaming of being outdoors and enjoying. That was yesterday. Face your mindfuck and feel the pure lust for life. The Peakini Farmhaus is the ideal base for this. The motto is: Get out into nature! Whether hiking, biking or just unwinding – here you can really relax and strengthen the immune system. Empty your trash can and trust your senses. You are always right at the Peakini Farmhaus!


Spring, summer, autumn … whether on summer or winter holidays – with the farm animals next door, the forests just a stone’s throw away, towering Tauern peaks just waiting to be climbed and numerous outdoor activities for that little bit extra of adrenaline and adventure.